Secure Disposal

High Security, High Volume Disintegrator!

The DISINTEGRATOR destroys Hard Drives, turning them into 3mm particles. This monster of a machine can also destroy other materials and may be used for other applications. Click here to view the SCEC "Top Secret" endorsement for this machine.

  • Destroys hard drives to 3mm particles.
  • Specifically designed to handle PC Hard drives.
  • Resulting 3mm particles that can be recycled.

Can also be used for other materials such as:
  • CD's, DVD's, Blu Ray and other optical discs.
  • Floppy and other types of computer discs.
  • VHS, Computer backup and other magnetic tapes.
  • Credit cards and other plastic or metal ID cards.

GCSB Remark-IT meets NZISM requirements as a Secure Destruction Facility and is approved for the destruction of eletronic media and equipment classified upto and including Top Secret.

Remark-IT have unique specialised in-house shredders and a hydraulic crusher to deal with any equipment containing sensitive data that cannot be security wiped effectively.

An important part of the Secure Disposal process is the removal of sensitive data from hard drives or media that contain that data. To ensure integrity of this service we have, from time to time, engaged specialist forensic analysts to conduct internal auditing of our processes. We also engage the services of a major International Corporate to conduct monthly security audits on our facility and processes.

Part of this audit involves randomly selecting equipment that has been security wiped and subjecting this equipment to a forensic program to try and recover data. This means our processing is constantly subject to scrutiny and has passed every time.

The results of this monitoring has meant we are extremely confident in our security wiping services. We believe our Secure Disposal processes are among the best in the World. In fact a major financial institution after rating us against others in our industry, rated us "Number One!".

  • Nationwide collection network.
  • Secure and clean storage facility.
  • Best in its class disk/storage device wiping and cleaning.
  • Previous owner identification removal.
  • Refurbishment services. (when requested)
  • Inventory tracking.
  • Bar-coding, cataloguing and status reporting.
  • Transparency and accountability through every part of the process.

  •         microsoft Authorized Refurbisher    QAB international        Global Compliance Certificate

Remark-IT provides globally certified Data Sanitisation and ITAD solutions