Project Green

Project Green has a simple vision: to take good care of New Zealand’s e-waste. Starting with the TV TakeBack, TV recycling initiative, we’re making recycling e-waste quick, easy and safe.

Project Green brings together the expertise, networks and environmental commitment of NZ’s leading e-waste recycling organisations. Join our mailing list to find out how we’re protecting your precious environment, and what you can do to help!

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BNZ Community Program

Remark-IT have worked closely with the Bank of New Zealand over a period of many years. We have provided a number of ongoing services ranging from nationwide deployments to Secure Disposal of IT Equipment.

In 2008 we worked with the bank to develop a new initiative, a web portal that made it possible for ex-bank computers, laptops and other IT equipment to be purchased by BNZ Staff members at highly discounted prices for delivery to non-profit organisations.

Digital Wings

The Digital Wings Trust was established in June 2017 after consultation with both business and community sectors, to help enhance digital opportunities and advance education, employment, health and wellbeing of people living in underserved communities.

The Digital Wings Trust works with socially and environmentally responsible business and public sector organisations to donate quality IT equipment to charities and community organisations.

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MINT Innovation partners with Remark-IT to build New Zealand’s first gold refinery

Mint Innovation is developing recovery processes that use inexpensive chemicals and proprietary microorganisms to bind and concentrate specific metals under environmentally benign conditions. The platform aims to be modular and adaptable to input applications such as low-grade ores, tailings, and electronic wastes. It may also be tailored to help remediate environments contaminated with toxic metals.

Mint has successfully closed its NZ$5 million Series A capital raise, enabling Mint to further scale its electronic waste metal recovery technology. With an eye to commercial operations in 2020, this investment round was led by Movac, with existing investors following strongly on their 2017 seed round contributions.

Mint has partnered with Remark-IT to build a plant to demonstrate Mint's biometallurgy technology at a practical scale. Valuable metal will be recovered from up to 200 tonnes of scrap printed circuit boards per year.

The vision to collect consumer e-waste was developed by Remark-IT in 2005. It was setup to advocate sustainable and responsible e-waste collection and recycling in New Zealand. In 2006 the consumer collection became known as “E-Day” and was run in cooperation with a major Computer manufacturer and E-Day Trust. The first year Remark-IT organised the collection and disposal of 54 tonnes of e-waste in an 8 hour period. In 2007 many other parts of New Zealand participated in e-day from Kaitaia to Invercargill, and peaked in 2010 with 976 tonnes of e-waste being collected at 38 sites across the country.

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