Asset Management

As part of our solution, robust reporting is available at every touch point in the device lifecycle and allows for a full chain of custody view. These reports are available online at any time through our secure extranet and our project portal BaseCamp.

  • Logistics and Stock Management Reporting
  • Deployment Reporting
  • Disposal Reporting
  • ServiceNow Ticket Management reporting
  • Insupport Service Reporting
We can manage your assets through their total life-cycle. We use the latest in bar coding, asset auditing, and web-based tracking.

Remark-IT have developed a “best of breed” Asset Management program called “RAMP” (Remark-IT Asset Management Portal).

This seeks to take “asset management to the next level". RAMP manages the complete life cycle of any asset. It has as an optional feature to track equipment that is off the Network giving the exact current location, or last known location. This feature will help to recover a higher percentage of costly assets at the end of life, which in turn will decrease a potential data security breach through a non-returned asset.

Asset ManagementAsset Tracking

Our feature rich system can help you locate, regain control over, and in many cases even recover your missing devices. The system has been developed to bring a discipline into asset tracking to minimise any loses, without being a burden.

Using the Remark-IT asset management system, we can track assets from the beginning to the end of life by using a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, IP geo location or a physical audit.

Asset management is a collective responsibility. With this in mind Remark-IT have created a new feature call “Human Audit” This feature empowers people with a simple tool to play there part to keep the asset register up to date.

Managing Assets by product type, warranty or lease expiry status

Remark-IT is an end of lease return point for most major lease providers in the country. We have developed an application where we can manage inbound assets by the serial number and expiry date of either the warranty or lease term.

As we receive or remove assets we catalogue the items into pre-defined stock pools. As we scan the serials into our system, they are automatically reference checked against lease expiry data which dictates what treatment the device undertakes from that point.

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