Established in the year 2000, Remark-IT Solutions professionally manages the commissioning, Secure Disposal and remarketing of Information Technology equipment for New Zealand and Australia's largest corporations, leasing companies and government agencies.

Remark-IT has, as its core value, the passion to strive for the perfect project or service outcome. The basic belief is that if you strive for perfection then at the very least you will achieve excellence.

Our aim to be successful through the provision of innovative solutions that assist our clients with meeting their technology goals. One of our key strengths is the ability to see tomorrow's possibilities and challenges today, and through an innovative development process, provide the services to meet them.

Remark-IT have been described by many of its clients as a company that "just doesn't give up", and who "go the extra mile" with the inspiring attitude that nothing is “too much bother”. The client centric values we embrace has led to a professionalism and commitment that has many times exceeded our client’s expectations.


Remark-IT was born in a residential garage with a commitment to breathe new life into used computer equipment and keep it out of the landfill.

After a fast successful beginning, it wasn't long before the garage was outgrown and Remark-IT moved into a large commerical warehouse in Wellington.


Launched "Logi" IT Logistics application.

Remark-IT develops its own advanced automated web-based logistics management system to handle the thousands of nationwide IT assets needing tracking, collection, transport, secure disposal or returning to lease providers.


Started Branches Auckland and Christchurch.

Remark-IT expands further throughout New Zealand to open branches in both Auckland and Christchurch.


Ministry for the Environment funded Nationwide TV Takeback Starts

110 collection points set up. 53,029 TVs collected, dismantled and environmentally recycled. 95 tonnes of leaded glass and 230 tonnes of unleaded glass were diverted from Landfill.