Our Warehouse locations:

  • Auckland
  • Wellington
  • Christchurch

IT Transport and tracking anywhere in New Zealand or around the world.

As a third party logistics provider, we can organise the collection, secure transport and storage of your equipment to our warehouse facilities in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. If you are deploying new equipment, you can ship direct to us from the manufacturer saving time and money on freight hops and organisation.

All assets are tracked on an individual basis from pick-up to drop-off, using our latest tracking systems. At all times you can track your equipment as it moves through the chain of custody process using our online customer dashboard.

All Remark-IT facilities are physically audited at set intervals to ensure our physical security standards exceed ISO:27001 and government security standards.

Logi 3
Shipment Tracking

Customers have the option of viewing their shipments by logging into Logi3 in real-time. The portal dashboard allows you to track your shipment.

There are various statuses’ your pickup can go through. Hovering over these anywhere in the system will give you more information about what that status means.

We Track Every device – In and Out

Has the correct equipment arrived at the warehouse?

Remark-IT uses a custom built in-house application called ‘LogiScan’ to scan all inwards and outwards goods entering and leaving our warehouses. Each stock movement is tracked using an inbound or outbound shipping number.

LogiScan populates the Logi3 stock pools and shipments with exactly what was received at our door. There are complex algorithms that run behind the scenes to ensure accuracy and to generate a report back to the your team.

If serial numbers were provided on the pickup form when the request was made, LogiScan will run discrepancy checking against what is scanned back at the warehouse compared to what was entered on the form and highlight any issues in the 'received asset report'.

Nationwide IT equipment collection, transport, and storage!